Better Boosted Posts

Learn how to quickly turn your Instagram post into an ad using our strategic method that makes your $ work harder for you.

Cost $33


What's Inside

  • Why you need to be using ads manager instead of regular boosting & how to start maximizing your boosting dollar
  • Our step by step method for making your posts work harder for you by turning them into ads instead of boosts
  • How to write intentional post copy to seamlessly turn your Instagram post into an ad
  • How use the hidden targeting features within ads manager to find your dream audience and get your message in front of them



  • Reach new customers using your existing organic content
  • Get access to advanced ad settings that make your promotions smarter and more cost effective than simply hitting the 'Promote' button
  • Take the guesswork out of getting started with Instagram ads

Note from Christa:

  • Reaching new dream customers is a crucial component of scaling your business.
  • The best way to engage with those outside of your circle is by investing a few $ a day into Facebook/Instagram ads
  • As a media buyer for the last decade, I know how scary it can be to invest your money in ads without knowing if you're doing it right. Facebook Ads Manager seems extremely complex to many business owners.
  • But the truth is there is a simple framework that anyone can use to turn an existing post on your feed into an optimal ad campaign on the platform. That's why I created Better Boosted Posts.
  • I've used this approach time after time to get clients in front of new audiences and have seen performance soar. This approachable course gives you access to my intentional toolset I use every day to create a strong ad strategy that makes your $ work smarter and harder for you.
  • Scaling a business doesn't need to be reserved for those who can afford an ad buyer. It's easy enough for any business owner to execute.
  • You've got this. Keep growing.

Start Boosting Better Today.

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