Self Study

Grow Your Reach & Your Revenue (without losing your authentic voice) With 6 Weeks Of Marketing & Sales Mentorship

Are you ready to stop "forcing it" when it comes to sales and marketing?

It's time to make it flow!

Everyone wants the Magic Bullet that will make customers beat down your door wanting what you're selling - whether it's an online course, a product, coaching...whatever it is there is someone out there that needs it. That needs YOU.

This is your reminder that it's time to fly.

If you're ready to take it to the next level, and sell that thing or sell MORE of that thing - this is for you.

Here's a little secret...

There is no Magic Bullet to successful sales and marketing campaigns.

But there are time-honed and proven strategies and techniques, mindset shifts and actions that can:

👉 10X your next marketing campaign...

👉 Fill up your courses, calendar & email list with your dream clients...

👉 Create abundance for your business, customers and for yourself...

👉 Create deeper, more authentic connections with your customers and contribute on a whole new level

That's why we're here. To help you do more of whatever it is that makes you tick.



6 weeks of group mentorship from two world-class sales and marketing experts.

🌱 Grow your revenue and reach

🚀 Embrace the seller's mindset in everything you launch

💰 10X your marketing campaigns


"An amazing collaboration, a phenomenal program, worth every penny and then some! The mini-community that was built, just everything. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone involved in business!"

- Megan Simon


  • Courses
  • Programs
  • Classes
  • Events/Retreats
  • Services
  • Products


The Authentic Selling Bootcamp was made for YOU.

In this program, we are going to show you the tangible, real steps you can implement RIGHT NOW to increase your revenue and reach. The biggest problem we see with our client's marketing campaigns is often not marketing at all!

Sales is the break in the flow.

Whether you're selling with social media, your email list, selling on the phone, or selling a product, service or event...The Authentic Selling Bootcamp is guaranteed to give you the tools and strategies to up your sales, increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and take your business to the next level..


Hi, we're Krista and Dan.

We are incredibly grateful that you are here.

Both of us run Marketing Agencies. Krista runs Authentic Audience in Santa Cruz, CA and Dan runs an agency with a staff of 100 based in Fargo, North Dakota. (You read that right).

Although our companies are very different in a lot of ways, we both have the same passions: helping those who love what they do succeed.

In our combined 35 years of experience in sales, marketing, and storytelling, we have learned a few things...

Thing #1: Your "Marketing" problem is actually a SALES problem.

Thing #2: Selling should be honest, authentic and in SERVICE to your future customer.

If you understand and apply these two things, your relationship to sales and marketing will change.

How many of you have launched a marketing campaign and seen clicks and traffic...but very few sales? I'm guessing every single person reading this right now. I know we both have!

That's where we come in. A marketing strategy without a sales strategy...may as well be no strategy!

That is why we are here. To help you create marketing and sales campaigns that actually work.

And it's not a hack, or a Facebook ads trick. It's not better copy (although that helps) - it's applying the principles of selling in everything you do. Whether it's a post on Instagram, a presentation, a sales call...doesn't matter!

This is not guesswork - this is a proven and reliable strategy for consistently delivering sales.

We both hope that you will join us! Your business will thank you.

-Krista and Dan

What's Included


Additional topics we'll cover:

  • The Seller's Mindset
  • Selling Through Social Media
  • Developing Your Sales Pitch
  • Email Marketing
  • Win Back Campaigns
  • Value Ladders
  • Lead Generation
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • LinkedIN and Organic Outreach
  • The Secret To Cold Calling
    ... And More...

If you've ever felt lost in the world of selling and marketing online, we feel you.

There is SO much information out there that it's hard to know where to start. People come to us feeling overwhelmed trying to do everything, and not knowing why their marketing campaigns aren't performing even when they are doing everything "right".

We've spent the last 4 years making our clients millions of dollars selling online, from online courses to filling up yoga studios to selling retreats, selling companies and selling services....we've done it all. And we know what ACTUALLY works. And now we're going to share it with you!

Our mission is to transform the way people and businesses approach marketing and sales, to show you that selling should be honest and that when you show up authentically for those you serve, the abundance follows.

You've got something amazing to put into the world, and we can't wait to help you get it out there.

"Krista and Dan were able to break down sales in a way that was very easy to understand and each night we were left with clear, tangible things we can do immediately to start improving our businesses. You will walk away feeling like you have a success plan mapped out for you, all you have to do is follow it."

- Tiffany Williams, Aud & El Candle Company

About Krista Ripma

Krista is a marketing coach, launch strategist and co-founder of Authentic Audience, a digital marketing company dedicated to serving brands who foster the best in self care, self love, and self expression. Authentic Audience is the natural progression of Krista’s previous successes in building million-plus Instagram followings, tripling online awareness and engagement for her brands, and coaching hundreds of seasoned and novice business owners to find and speak their truth. She was recently featured in Entrepreneur Mag and Forbes and is the host of the Authentic Audience podcast.

About Dan Austin

Dan Austin is a sales genius and founder of multiple marketing agencies. From boutique to publicly traded companies, Dan has marketed and sold just about everything you can imagine. Over his 20+ year career, Dan has always had a passion for mentoring others to up their sales and marketing game. Now for the first time ever, you'll get exclusive access to his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in sales and marketing.

Here's What You'll Walk Away With...


  • +The Money Exchange
  • +Money Manifestation
  • +Resistance to Selling
  • +Identifying Your Gifts
  • +How to conduct your sales process
  • +Holding space for the sale
  • +The rules of engagement (7 times)
  • +Building Relationships
  • +Donation-based sales


  • + The Stigma Of Sales
  • + Showing Up
  • + The More Than That Concept
  • + Effort, Energy & Enthusiasm (The 3 E's)
  • + Intention
  • +Preparing You To Be A Seller
  • +Why You Sell
  • +Sales Goals


  • + Customer Archetype
  • + Tactics For Understanding Your Marketplace
  • + Sell Them What They Want & Give Them What They Need
  • + Buyer's Budget
  • + Identifying Pain Points
  • + Focusing On The Benefits
  • + Finding Resonance
  • + Their Psychology
  • + The Bridge Of Trust
  • +Feeling Seen


  • + Your Personal Formula For Success
  • + Activity (A Lot Of It)
  • + Generating The Right Leads
  • + The First 3 Seconds
  • + Starter Questions
  • + Productivity
  • + The Follow Up
  • +Techniques and Templates For Quick Signatures
  • +Profitability
  • +Onboarding Customers
  • +The Flow


  • + The Critical 3 C's
  • + Turning Prospects Into Buyers
  • + The Formula For Using Facts & Stories
  • + Authentic Edification And Why It's Paramount
  • + Asking The Right Questions
  • + Building Rapport
  • + Your Customer's 'Aha' Moment
  • + Credibility
  • + Asking For The Sale
  • + Providing More Value
  • + Sales Calls


  • + Creating Raving Fans
  • + Loyal Customers
  • + Repeat Customers
  • + Nurturing The People On Your Plate
  • + Surprise and Delight
  • + Shot Across The Bow
  • + Surveys
  • + How To Get Business From Your Business
  • + Winback Campaigns
  • + Repeat Selling

"If you're ready to get your product, course or biz rolling...100/10 recommend Krista to be your guide... the best investment I've made for myself, my business and my sanity."

— Kelli M.

"It truly is a bootcamp based in authenticity. When information shared is truthful there is no selling. It’s simply an authentic exchange of information that meets the authentic desire of the buyer. Feels like a win / win. I highly recommend this course."

— Angela D.

"The sales bootcamp gave me the confidence to start my business coaching and consultancy brand outside of the family business!"

— Cori O.

"The Authentic Selling Bootcamp was so much more than I thought it would be. I signed up because I wanted to create a better relationship with sales, and I left with a strong relationship with myself, complete belief in my business, and actionable tools that I will use every day."

— Kelsy L.

"I can't wait to continue to implement all the knowledge, tools, and resources that Krista has provided me and watch my business grow and thrive. I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a good education and some hand-holding to take your business to the next level!"

— Rachael Peizer, P.T.

"I implemented Krista's genius advice and launched a coaching course that sold out in 2 weeks, redesigned my website and saw a 50% increase in leads, and most importantly feel capable and more connected to business than ever."

—Krissy DeAngelis


  • Learn how to use the Authentic Selling Method to stop selling and start creating buyers - while increasing your reach and your revenue.
  • Refer back any time - LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials
  • Get actionable strategies that you can start applying today in your business
  • 6 lectures and with 2 sales and marketing experts
  • The full Authentic Bootcamp Curriculum, discussion boards, weekly Q&A's with Dan and Krista
  • Take control of your marketing and sales - and create abundance in your business no matter what you are selling
...if that all sounds good...then what are you waiting for? :)