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Online Courses & Digital Offers for conscious entrepreneurs and creators to GROW reach, revenue and audience... authentically. 

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"Authentic Audience is enabling entrepreneurs to bring their gifts into the world. Their methods are genius for creatives who suffer overwhelm.

This team inspires and supports action."

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Full scope support so you can stand in your entrepreneurial power and streamline your digital environment.

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The Badass Biz Babes Hub 

A fully-customizable, dynamic digital workspace full of 50+ templates & resources to help you do the work all in one place. Discover the power of Notion's integrations that bring essential tools to your fingertips. Make edits to Google Docs, embed meeting recordings, videos, Asana™️ tasks, your fave Spotify playlists, and SO MUCH MORE

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Courses & Programs

The 90 Day Launch Guide

It's Got Everything You Need To Launch Online in 90 Days.


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Marketing Fundamentals

How To Nurture Your Audience And Turn It Into Sales.


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The Authentic Selling Bootcamp

Grow Your Reach And Revenue Without Losing Your Authentic Voice.


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Mini-Course Bundle

includes Krista's signature course, Mastering Your Marketing Mindset, Christa's Up-level Your Creative: Design Hacks For Business Owners & Katy's Bookkeeping Checklist


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The Future Of Algorithmic Platforms Masterclass: Self Study

Create your social media plan for the year with our interactive workbooks & guides.


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Better Boosted Posts

Make your social posts work harder for you - better than boosting!


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Free Classes, Guides & Resources To Nourish Your Biz

About the Authentic Audience Collective

At Authentic Audience we believe marketing should be honest. Whether it’s through our online courses, programs, or guides, we promise to cut through the noise and give you a radically honest approach to growing your business.

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Student Success Stories

 "An amazing collaboration, a phenomenal program, worth every penny and then some! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone involved in business!"

 "Take the class. Just take the class, follow the instructions and your business will thrive. It's a guarantee."

"There's a ton of programs out there that can teach you marketing, but the way that Authentic Audience crafts courses is the reason I have hope for the future of business."